Carlene Thissen performs the Woman Who Influenced Her Music

  • Mon, Oct 15th, 2018
    Carlene Thissen performs the Woman Who Influenced Her Music

    Judy Collins, Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez, three icons of 1960s and 70s folk music, helped to calm and bring peace to a world challenged by social and political upheaval, Civil Rights and the Vietnam war.


    In this musical story-telling program, Carlene honors these amazing women by performing a selection of each of their music on guitar and keyboard. She will take you behind the scenes and share stories that inspired their songs, and the relationships the three iconic singers forged along the way.


    Judy, Joni and Joan is a fascinating experience that will take you back, whether you were there or not, and challenge you to once again change the world.


    Carlene Thissen is a singer, songwriter and author originally from New Jersey, a Naples resident for the last 26 years. Judy, Joni and Joan were her primary musical influences as she learned to play guitar as a teenager, and her voice and style were “time-stamped” by singing their songs. One of the greatest thrills of her life was waking up to Joan Baez singing Joe Hill at Woodstock.


    As she explains in her autobiographical song, Back There Again, this Woodstock hippie girl cut her hair and got a career, and successfully navigated the business world for 30 odd years. Today, with the music, a peace sign on a necklace, bell bottom jeans covered with patches and a guitar she named Alice, she’s found her way back there again.

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