Isabel Mejia: False Forests and Hidden Skylines

  • Fri, Dec 8th, 2017
    Isabel Mejia: False Forests and Hidden Skylines

    “False Forests and Hidden Skylines” features the work of teen artist Isabel Mejia from McLean, Virginia. Her series, “False Forests and Hidden Skylines,” explores the facets of a fantastical alternate reality where the world and the people in it are truly alive.  Each work has a story behind it and allows the viewer to be transported into their world. Isabel is an avid painter and has worked in mixed mediums and trained with senior artists in the DC area. She is a rising junior at Flint Hill High School and spends her free time painting, reading and writing, and often the activities are very closely linked in terms of the characters she creates.

    Opening: Friday, December 8th • 6pm – 10pm
    Closing: Friday, December 22nd