The Great Florida Invasion: From Pepper to Pythons

  • Mon, Jun 18th, 2018
    The Great Florida Invasion: From Pepper to Pythons

    Join the Friends of the Fort Myers Library for this interesting discussion!
    From the first medieval pigs abandoned in Florida in 1521 through the invasion of lionfish, this presentation explores how escaped or introduced species have impacted the indigenous flora, fauna and sea life of the Sunshine State.
    With information derived from the award-winning The Living Gulf Coast – A Nature Guide to Southwest Florida, author Charles Sobczak takes a sobering look at everything from the Burmese python to Brazilian pepper. Other invasive species included in the presentation are Australian pines, iguanas, starlings, Tilapia and nutria.
    Sobczak will discuss possible solutions and warn of other, even more harmful animals, that could impact Florida in the years to come.